There is something important about preserving the inconsequential nature of our basic interactions with the world.
Privacy and freedom interact in space of actions that should be inconsequential and those that are.
Inconsequential is hard to define. I don’t mean that there is no state change to the world, that’s too broad.
Definitely Inconsequential:

  • Anything I think without translating thought into action.
  • Whether I choose to eat an english muffin or toast.
  • Which way I drive to work on a perfect Grid (same distance, time, traffic paterns, etc.)
  • Running on public trails
Maybe Inconsequential:

  • PAS?
Definitely Not Inconsequential:

  • Harming others.
  • Helping others?
Inconsequequential is a good description of both ACTIONS that are made and observed, and of OUTCOMES that ought be ICSQ: i.e. the fact that someone is gay should be ICSQ.
ICSQ should be considered within the context of the information’s collection + application. Gayness should be ICSQ when considering employment, but might not when considering ramifications of using the F word. Uncertain though. hard to come up with a situation where being gay should be CSQ.