3-SAT decomposition - Using 64 bit architecture to perform fast 3-SAT calculations
AI Science Test - Basic Tensorflow model predicting results of 8th grade science test
Banannagrams - A sub-linear time algorithm for playing Bananagrams
Birth Certificate Scraping - Scraping data from birth certificates between 1900 and 1950 for an Economics paper.
CalcU - A course aid for mathematics based on a taxonomy of learning
Kerry Chase Website - Find a Clinic is the best!
Cindi - Algorithmically generated art - inspired by Janelle Monae
Draw Me CSS - Simple framework for making websites that magically appear
DumbDB - Dumb databases make for good prototypes
Find A Clinic - Find a Clinic is the best!
Flux - Modifying attractor parameters via a parameter space orbit
GradyDocs - GradyDocs - a shittier version of Google Docs
Grady.In - Go-Links for everybody
Hardscrabble - Interactive pair programming webapp for a class of 200+ students
Student Union (In Line) - A multi-owner distributed WYSIWYG editor for the Student Union website
Parley - Recursive annotations as a counter-proposal to the comment thread
Senior Thesis - Senior thesis on the graph isomorphism (GI) problem
Trees - Invertible enumeration of the set of possible Binary Trees
VOAT - Variations on a Theme (Elgar) meets a classic by Frank Stella
Ward Lab - An academic profile for my father's lab work
Personal Website V1 - The very deprecated version of my personal portfolio
Personal Website V2 - The deprecated version of my personal portfolio
Personal Website V3 - The site you find yourself on right now
WSMD - What should Maddie Do? - A sprint-written tool for the indecisive
Zina Ward Website - My sister's professional profile