My name is Grady Ward and I am an engineer living and working in the greater Denver Area. Hailing from Vermont, I went to school in Boston, worked in the Bay Area for a few years, and have now landed in Denver. I currently on the User Data team on the Google Drive product. My work focuses on data validation, retention and compliance. Data fascinates me, and my carrer this far has primarily been focused on its custodianship.

Outside of work, I find lots of things to do with my time. My current fascination is woodworking, but in the past I've done civic engagement work, machine learning art, and modular origami. Learning new things is the only thing I am sure I will be doing in 30 years.

I choose to spend most of my free time outside, enjoing the mountains, roads, trails, and slopes that I'm lucky to be surrounded by, usually with my partner and friends. When the sun is not out, I enjoy making things that I find useful or beautiful. Many of the results are shown in my portfolio on this site, including ones not built with computers.